Live Unfiltered.

Discipleship Unfiltered is a series of videos that explore what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus. Watch and be inspired by thoughts from normal people who’ve struggled, fallen, and are figuring out what it means to follow Jesus.

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No Exceptions

"I think we are all meant to be disciples. Every single member of the church, every member of Christ's body is a disciple. We might do His will in different ways. We might reach out to those around us in different fashions, since we all have different gifts. But we are all to be reaching out and doing His work: teaching others and encouraging them to realize they are His disciples as well." —Jeremy Salleng

No Egos

"Unfiltered discipleship means realizing that I am a broken person who is in need of being discipled daily. It means being willing to step out into uncomfortable places and situations to help play a part in healing a broken world. For example, just because two people want to be disciples for Jesus does not mean we will see things in the same light.

"During ARISE, my outreach partner and I, though we both love Jesus and want to be the most effective disciples possible, saw many things differently. God did not wave a wand and make us in one heart and accord when it came to how to be a disciple. Rather we had to have hard conversations and awkward moments, which included talking about feeling disrespected or unsupported. I would not have traded it for an easier way though. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and humble myself.

"I realized my own ‘enlightened' view of how to reach people isn’t always the best way. I believe God used that time as more of an outreach for myself than to others." —Ben Weakley

No Masks

"The greatest desire of the heart of man is to be truly seen and still truly loved. It is only by being truly seen that you may be truly loved. We as Christians are supposed to be in the business of truly loving people. If that’s the case, we must also be in the business of seeing people's flaws and heinous brokenness, and still loving them.

"My friend who discipled me not only had me over to his house when we had a scheduled Bible study, but he also invested his personal time in me and my family. I learned a term while at ARISE from one of the instructors, Ben Lundquist. It's the idea of deeper withing. That to me is discipleship. It's walking someone home and resting with them when they run out of breath." —Erik Shankles

No Condemnation

"To me, the most beautiful part of the way Jesus disciples people is the fact that He chose me, loved me even when I hated Him, and called me out of the pit into His companionship. He walks, talks, sits, eats with, and shares all parts of life with me. He is always with me. The way Jesus did discipleship is the way He still disciples, and this is what He would have us teach by life and precept to others." —Lisa Gott